I have a  lovely friend who is responsible for this Blog coming to fruition. She is a sassy, lovely, human being, who often times has said; “I thought of you this morning as I was getting dressed! I asked myself; “What would Allison want me to wear!”

I must admit, I do enjoy the finer fancies of life. I am constantly reigning myself in from the abundance of life’s lovely offerings. I love the old charm of  the quaint cottage that I dwell in. The chalkboard wall in my kitchen. Putting on make up & getting dressed each day. I love, fashion & interior design. Art, culture &  the way color has always nourished me. The individuals that I share my waking hours with feed my spirit in the most lovely way. I am passionate about food, good health, meditation, yoga & the planet. The cord of inspiration in my world is unbroken,  it is endless.

This platform of communication came about as a means to share my  thoughts & inspirations on style with the world. This site is a an archive of  fashion happenings, trend reports, cultural inspirations  & visuals that spark the creative soul.  I welcome your visits, for this site is for those who wish to be inspired! It nourishes my creative soul to create this blog, to share in the beauty that life has to offer. I extend it to you in hopes that it may  inspire you to search for, take pleasure in and create those moments for yourself. So, thank you for taking the time in exploring the world of “What Would Allison Want Me To Wear!” Your presence on this site is invaluable!

Inspired? I know I am!

xo allison jones