Allison Jones

Having worked in the interior design field & in the advertising industry as a stylist, from New York City to San Francisco & Portland Oregon to Seattle, there is a vast skill set that I bring to the table as a House Manager for private clients. With experience as an interior space planner & project manager, I understand what it takes to make a beautiful environment that inspires & runs efficiently. As a wardrobe/ prop stylist, visual merchandiser, personal shopper & professional organizer, I have learned & understand that life is in the details. I have successfully created a path as a freelance visual artist for the past 16 years & I am currently exploring the various options that are available in Seattle Washington.

About Me: I am a tireless ex- NYC & San Francisco woman who is highly motivated, thick skinned, & quick on her feet. Smart, resourceful, reliable, & diplomatic. Professional, continually learning, open to new experiences & thrives on new challenges. Efficient by nature & not afraid to ask questions. A self-motivator who is capable of working independently or as a team. An excellent communicator who can ride the storm of stress with ease and grace.

Questions, feel free to contact me. Let me create ease in your life!


~allison jones

TEL: 971.212.6447


Personal Assistant / House& Pet Care / Private Client

Jan 2016- Present

Employer: Ken Boyton Seattle WA  Responsibilities: Marketing Research to sell his book. Interior Design- Redesign of work space/office, space planning, furniture arrangement & color consulting. In charge of property when away on business trips & pet care.

Personal Assistant / House Manager / Private Client  

July 2014- Present

Employer: Samuel C. Blackman Seattle WA   Responsibilities: Managing the overall efficiency of the day-to-day operations of the household. Errands, laundry, dishes, dog training + walks. Manage property while owners are away. Project management/creating systems of organization. Tending to the needs of a young child. Holiday decoration committee. I see what needs doing & do it.

Professional Organizer/ Stylist / Private Client

Feb. 2014- Present

Employer: Patricia McGovern Seattle WA  Responsibilities: Un-pack, set up & organize client’s relocation to Seattle. Styling the interior of the residence. Hanging private art collection, personal shopping for wardrobe & home. Wardrobe closet renovation.

Personal Assistant / Personal Chef / Private Client 

July 2012- Present

Employer: Nora Wright Seattle WA  Responsibilities: Interior Design/ Styling the interior environment of the home. Personal chef, menu planning, food shopping, errands & organizing. Project management with property maintenance. Pet Care, laundry and personal shopping. Packing/ moving & relocation services.

Letter’s of Recommendation are available upon request 




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