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Well Arranged

Well Arranged













Kitchen Gadgets :: I'm in love with a particular garlic crusher right now!

Kitchen Gadgets :: I’m in love with a particular garlic crusher right now!













It Is a {Modern} Thing Baby :: Clean, Crisp & Sparse

It Is a {Modern} Thing Baby :: Clean Crisp & Sparse














I have a name for the room shown above – {Command Central} – it is my favorite room in any house! In my own house some days it is a toss up between the kitchen or marathon t.v. in the bedroom but the kitchen usually wins! Because ya’ gotta eat, right?

I have learned many things as a House Manager & the skill set that is performed certainly comes natural to me. It is something that I am continually expanding on; Personal chef, dog trainer/walker, interior design project manager, professional organizer, residential stylist, personal shopper for groceries & household items. Worry free house & pet sitting for the weary traveler &…the list goes on. This occupation oddly takes the freelance work that I have done over the past 2 decades and rolls it all into one.

Being a house manager has me analyzing the road to your dinner table! {Lucky You!} After cooking for several private clients, I found that budgeting, meal planning & cooking were nourishing me as well, only creatively! {When the soul speaks, one must listen!} I have had a passion for food my whole life & these days I am on a quest to learn how to be an influence in people’s lives by providing good, wholesome, organic meals. Providing a service that utilizes a high percentage of foods that move from farm to table, instead of 1,500 miles through the industrial food system.  I don’t claim to be perfect, each opportunity I have though  I try to be a conscious shopper and source food that supports local farmer’s markets & food co-op’s. I truly believe, we as a community all profit from healthy eating!  The better we eat, the better we can perform at our jobs, we are of better service to our families/communities and we are more willing & able to partake in healthy play and exercise.

I live in a city called Seattle, it is the fastest growing concrete landscape in the nation! “Let me be the one to provide you with something of value;  Home-cooked meals tailored to your specific dietary needs, using only the freshest of ingredients.”  I mean seriously, isn’t this what we all want after a long, busy day at work? You Need Me!! 

CONTACT :: {} or give me a ring at {971} 212.6447 












- Imagine Hiring Me To {Personal Chef} For You -

xoxo allison jones

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