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The Modern {Rustic} Nature Of Things

3 china plates - dustjacket attic

Love The Color & Pattern Of This China














Find Old Salvaged Shutters To Add Rustic Flair













Shelving & Skirting Around Sink- Simple, Inexpensive ways To Add An Element Of Rustic

Painted White Floor, Shelving & Skirting Around Sink- Simple, Inexpensive ways To Add An Element Of Rustic















Circle Braided Rug, Flooring, Shutters…This Image Is Certainly A Look, {Learn} & Apply














Rustic Modern Minimalism











White Country Kitchen

White Country Kitchen













Rustic Woods With Soft Neautral Hues Creating A Rustic, Relaxing Environment

Rustic Woods With Soft Neutral Hues- Create A Rustic, Peaceful Environment















I have always had an affinity towards a Splash of {rustic} alongside a dash of {modern} in the home, especially in the kitchen area.  It makes for an environment that one can feel relaxed in, take root & hang for a while. So, when it comes to creating a charming rustic look in your home, don’t be afraid to paint your floorboards white, consider adding plate racks & open cabinetry in the kitchen and for window treatments add shutters, they are a fantastic way to add rustic flair to any country cottage! Most of all have fun collecting & designing…and if the task at hand seems a bit daunting, call in the forces for a bit of assistance {ME}!
















– Imagine Hiring A Stylist For Your Home –

Happy {Day} Everyone!

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