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The Walls Speak :: Look {LEARN} Apply

2 by lisa cohen-countrystyle-dustjacket attic

Elegant & Sophisticated












4 by lisa cohen-countrystyle-dustjacket attic

Not For The Faint Of Heart :: Great In A Boys Room













A Touch Of Whimsy :: Soft & Fresh













04  interiors - nymag - dustjacket attic

Ravens :: I Am A Raven Junkie- I Would Covet These Walls












1 zuckerman-residence-bathroom

The Perfect Abstract



















Nothing says- “POW” like wallpaper with an attitude, it is the perfect way to add flair to any room!  Having difficulty sifting through all of the endless options in the market place, can’t figure out which way to turn…call me in!  I would love to help you make sense out of your design project! 


learned wisdom 











- Imagine Hiring  {ME} To Create {STYLE} In Your Life -

Happy { DAY } Everyone!

xoxo allison jones

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