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Life is in the details! The splash of red against the gray is not half bad!













WOW...this is really all I can say when I look at this image!

WOW…this is really all I can say when I look at this image!












This wall treatment is exquisite!

This wall treatment is exquisite!













I described my life to a friend the other day, like this; “I am putting a new & exciting puzzle together, one I have never done before. I need to practice patience while creating where the pieces go!”

It is exciting, on any given day I am qualified to {wear} any one of these creative hats; Hanging private residential art collections, experiencing food as an art form cooking for private clients.  The art of creating EASE in people’s lives, utilizing my god given {Virgo} talents as a professional organizer & house manager! The art of living & practicing conscious consumerism in relationship to this living earth as a personal shopper.  

So… while wandering down this semi-new path of 4 years,  I ask myself certain questions daily; “Is what I am doing contributing  to the greater good today!?”  “How can I create healthy, positive, inspirational change in my life & therefore with-in my community of people?” I believe one needs to be clear about what they wish to create in this life, so one can put the proper action behind their intention{s}. This is the magic, where “the true unfolding of life” happens.  The intent, paired with proper action, creates the life you imagine! It is as simple & as difficult as that! SO… dream big people, this ain’t no dress rehearsal and find what you love to do & do it!  I know I am! My clients reap the benefits!!














- Imagine Hiring {Me}To Keep Your Life on Task – 

Happy {Day} Everyone!

xoxo allison jones

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