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So…for quite some time now, I have been a {House Manager} for a lovely family – two busy doctor’s, their 20+ year old daughters & two amazing Havanese puppies!  I often get asked- “How did you find that job?” My answer- “Craigslist.” Seriously, it is the best job that I have ever had! 3 days a week, I run their household, so on any given day I can wear a number of creative hats; Dog trainer for two pups, chef, errand girl, personal shopper, interior designer, stylist, event planner, decoration committee…and the list goes on! This current occupation as a House Manager takes the knowledge I have gained from the past two decades as a stylist/designer/personal shopper/professional organizer and then sprinkles it with my passion for food & animals! Whatever you want to label it,  It is my dream occupation!  Who would have thought? {Not me!}

No one is micro-managing me and I sometimes amaze myself with what I can accomplish on any given day. There are a few motivators; One,  I love what I am doing & it brings me happiness to know that my presence in their lives creates a sense of ease! Second, they are thoughtful & appreciative people, that seem to love everything I do! This was their text to me last Thursday- “Do I have to keep telling you what a great dinner it was, how much we loved it! Halloween decorations are stunning, we went berserk over the wine cellar that you organized! All we could really ask was… how does she have the energy!?” {I get text messages like these all the time!} Each day I go there & report for duty…I am so grateful!! Thanx Craigslist!

Right now, I am styling the world in exactly the manner that works for me!  It ends up being a win-win for both me and the client!  I am happy, they are happy!  Here is to creating positive change in the world…one family at a time!

I sense there are more of you out there! Do you need help with creating an organized living environment? Need assistance with the week-to-week management of your busy life? Call in the trained forces, the professional… ME!  Shoot me an e-mail, let’s get the conversation started-!














-Imagine Hiring A Stylist To Create Ease In Your LIfe-

Happy {Life} Everyone!

xoxo allison jones

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