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I want to use “Food  Talk” as a platform to sort out the details of this complex food system, the system that one has no choice but to navigate on a daily basis. I have been influenced by food my entire life; I’ve studied it, cooked it, grown it, researched it, lived it- “Food Is Medicine.” I  feel this pull, a calling so to speak, to commit to the food train for a bit & see where this dedication takes me {Us}.


I keep hearing individuals say- “I am trying to eat in a more healthy fashion,” and from what I hear this is their trajectory of  trying to create a healthier lifestyle. The novelty of  healthy eating begins to wax & wane and ennui sets in. The healthy eating monk retreats to his cave feeling bored &  frustrated and in need of suggestions on what to cook next. These  FOOD TALK  posts are for those weary food travelers, the person who needs an infused spark of inspiration in the kitchen. I recently began cooking for a new client/family in the Seattle area, too busy to cook and  feeling a bit worn out by the options at their disposal they called me in! {Lucky me!}  The menu’s that I share with you here are the meals I prepare for private clients.

More on this later…..


MONDAY CLASSICS ::  Main- Slow-cooked yankee pot roast with pearl onions, yukon gold potatoes & carrots, served with a red wine reduction sauce. Veg-  Roastedglazed acorn & butternut squash with a brown sugar butter. Braised greens {collards, chard & kale} with shallot & crushed red pepper.

THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK  ::  Main-  Lemon, herb chicken breast baked in an ethiopian simmer sauce. Veg-  Roasted Broccoli with harissa, oregano, & cumin, finished with raw kale marinated in olive oil, lemon and s&p.  Salad - Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with kalamata olives, feta, cucumber, roma tomato, red pepper & chick peas {soaked & boiled fresh. No can in this kitchen!} drizzled with a tahini lemon parsley dressing.

THURSDAY :: Main- Picadillo- Cuban stew with hamburger, onion, stuffed green olives, raisins, tomato, cinnamon, cumin & a pinch of clove and nutmeg.  {Super Yummy & quick to make!} Dirty Rice with herbs & crushed red pepper. Veg- Marinated/pan sauteed zucchini with lemon zest, olive oil & fresh basil.  Salad-  Shallot, mustard, champagne, vinaigrette with crisp romaine, chick peas, grated carrot, red pepper & feta.

My hot pads are put away…..until next week….












- Imagine Hiring {Me}To {Cook} In Your Life -

Happy {Day} Everyone!

xoxo allison jones

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