Discipline :: Living a {W I D ER} life

 The Rooster :: Amazing Shape & Form

Amazing Shape & Form















Puzzle Piece #2 with Water Fall of Color












Golf Coarse & Flags

Golf Coarse- This reminds me of a golf coarse











I ask myself daily; “What can you do today to keep the energy moving forward towards living, creating, a happy & fulfilling life?” That question is then followed by, “Take a step, any step, even if you feel unsure of where it may lead you?!”  TAKE NOTE: This method should definitely be exercised & practiced when you feel like you don’t know what the hell you are doing with your life!! For the eyes see & the puzzle pieces to a deep & meaningful life show up, piece by creative piece & show you exactly what needs to be done. One must be wise & brave and then  move in that direction, otherwise we end up standing in the way of our own true happiness. Always remain open to the opportunities & the people that present themselves in your life, you never know where it may lead you {us}.

At this point in my life, my soul-spirit is wide open to opportunities that may present themselves. All of the daily rituals I have around my intentions are essential to creating a life that is not only l-o-o-n-g  but also  W I D E  !!  I have this quote in my kitchen, over the cutting board…it is the first thing I see each morning when I stumble out of bed to make tea.  I wrote it on a page torn out of an old  art book, written in dark blue, fine-point Sharpie- “Discipline is a way of {re}inforcing our intention to live a wider life.”  There is something about that word w i d e that ignites my spirit! Therefore, I must practice discipline around my intentions, I believe this is where I have the opportunity to experience that delicious expansion of life.

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P.S.  I landed the most amazing job as a House Manager, for an incredible family! I am so grateful!  The patience of waiting for the “perfect fit” paid off.  More on that later…

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Happy {Day} Everyone!

xoxo allison jones

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