Patti {As In} Smith

The {Magic} Of All That Is Patti

















On Monday January 19th, I had the amazing experience of {finally} making it to my first P. Smith concert. Sicker than a dog, with no voice, excitement still filled my spirit that day.  I was going to see the “Godmother of Punk” or as I like to refer to her as “The Queen of Rock-n-Roll!”  Patti was playing at The Moore Theatre, her first stop on a 7 day West Coast Tour. The whole evening had {Magic} in it & I will always carry with me the moment my heart saw Patti’s heart. It was when she first walked out on stage & she stood there, put her hand up to her chest,  then opened her arms & what followed next  almost sounded like a nervous giggle coming out of her! In that moment, her humble heart honored her fans. It was a beautiful gesture! Thx Patti… for all you are & what you have contributed creatively to making this world a better place. You truly are The Queen & an endless pool of inspiration for many!
















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Happy {Day} Everyone!

xoxo allison jones

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