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{Head To Toe} Menswear Monday

Kanye West













S T Y L E  TIP ::  The skill of creating a complete outfit is imperative to building a self contained wardrobe. An outfit that flawlessly blends together from head to toe is what I am making reference to here.  Men have a tendency to shop for their immediate needs, as opposed to creating complete outfits when they are shopping. Make sure each piece that is selected when shopping compliments the other or can be incorporated into your already existing wardrobe with ease.  This skill creates unforgettable & attractive looks. If you need assistance in mastering this art, call upon me, I would love to help you! {}

Great Look From Head To Toe

Individual Flair & No Fuss Style






























SOURCE :: Opening Image :: Great Look & Individual Flair Here


Levi’s Made & Crafted Fine houndstooth Shirt:: “Fine hounds-tooth shirt in linen and cotton with authentic details.”

Levi's Made & Crafted Fine Houndstooth Shirt











S.N.S. Herning Fang Wool Cardigan :: “Black ribbed zip-up wool cardigan from S.N.S Herning. This heavyweight knit is an intelligent investment as the nights draw in.”

S.N.S. Herning Fang Wool Cardigan











Etro Quilted Twill Leather Jacket :: “An effortless blend of classic and contemporary, this quilted style will make an appearance year round.”

Etro Quilted Twill Leather Jacket











ED 71 Slim Fit Jeans :: Raw denim jeans that will mould to your body with wear.”












A  Dapper  Gentleman  Must  Always  Accessorize

Accessories pull a man’s entire look together, so attention to detail is needed.  Everything from your tie to your belt helps complete the outfit.

Jean Shop Vintage Effect Leather Belt










Jimmy Choo York Leather Biker Boot











Alexander McQueen Skull Motif Silk Tie {Optional}










ACCESSORY LINKS :: Belt ::  Boots :: Tie

Have a marvelous Week!

The Dapper Mr. {M} Will See You Next Monday….

xo allison

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  1. Tex Dooley Burroughs says:

    M. Jones, where do You find these people? Oww ! Shakeem Jefferson, i salute You. i wanna breathe! And on Your Dapper this week, so taste-y … the accessory tips, yeah ! Love that tie you found.

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